Trellis Analytics provides data science and research consulting

Trellis analyzes your organization’s data to unlock insights that improve and drive business-critical and mission-supporting decisions.

Data Management
Trellis creates and implements data management strategies that create the foundation for advanced analysis and beneath-the-surface insights.
Research and Analytics
Our cornerstone capability - Trellis uses data science, statistics, and advanced analytics to deliver insights and promote social scientific research.
Bespoke Reporting and Products
Trellis creates custom reporting and business intelligence tools to support business and mission decisions.

How we partner with your organization

Trellis Analytics partners with your organization based on your needs. We can help plan and build data solutions, or provide an extra set of hands when you need support.

Strategy Consultation
Trellis brings industry expertise and vast experience in non-profit management to create a strategy roadmap for managing and using your organization's data effectively.
Embedded Partnership
Trellis will partner with your organization to build and deliver data and AI solutions, including integrations, predictive models, and interactive dashboards.
Data Team Augmentation
Trellis will integrate with your existing data team to provide additional support when you need additional skills or simply more hands in high-demand scenarios.
We Specialize in Nonprofits and Associations

We focus on industries that have valuable data with enormous potential for insights, but typically lack the data scientists or engineers to refine the data and unlock these insights.

Academia and Think Tanks
Meet the Team

Dr. Nasser Qadri

Trellis Analytics is anchored in a mission to promote social scientific excellence.

Dr. Nasser Qadri has over 15 years of experience in data and analytics in domains spanning healthcare, beverage alcohol, nonprofit management, political science, national security, and foreign policy. As a scientist who has primarily built technology and analytics solutions for nonprofits, membership associations and the public sector (including the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of State), he offers a unique blend of  technical engineering and social scientific expertise. He holds a Ph.D. in Politics and International Relations.

Behind the scenes is a team of data scientists, engineers, academics, and domain experts that Nasser has had the privilege of partnering with on past projects. These handpicked experts accelerate the insights Trellis Analytics adds to your projects and your organization.

Questions & Answers

Trellis can help with a broad range of services related to data, including:

  • Data Management – data integration and data transfer automation; data cleaning; and data profiling.
  • Research and Analytics – inferential statistics; predictive machine learning models; customer/market segmentation; and survey analysis.
  • Bespoke Reporting and Products – interactive data visualization dashboards and PDF reports; and custom solutions to manage complex processes.

Yes. Our goal is to support organizations that have valuable data with enormous potential for insights, but typically lack the data scientists or engineers to refine the data and unlock these insights. Send us a message to learn more.

Send us a message with your questions or ideas, and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

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